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do some of you have one of these bikes?

I want to buy a 125cc motorcycle after 8 hours of practice. By learning about the different models available, I found 3 that I like a lot: 
- the Yamaha MT-125 which seem to be the best, and the one I find the most beautiful, but it is also the most expensive. 
- the KTM Duke 125 which looks close to the Yamaha but very slightly below. Its design I like a lot too, but a little less than that of the Yamaha. By cons, it is displayed ~ 4'000frs new and can be found about 3'000frs used.
- the Generic / KSR GRS 125 which is the cheapest of 3, 3'000frs new. I did not know the brand before, but it has apparently been well established in the market for small motorcycles and scooters. I find it pretty and very aesthetically close to the KTM. 
I found comparisons opposing the KTM to the Yamaha but I hardly find tests of the KSR ... Maybe because the brand is not very known. 
So I'm talking to you, do some of you have one of these bikes? Or do you know the 125cc to tell me what would be the best choice?

Please help

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